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What can I write about?

Obviously, one can write about a myriad of topics, so where do we begin?

We recommend that you start with the topic that is the closest to your passion and expertise. Are you a business woman or man with incredible skills? Perhaps you can write a book on the set of skills you believe one must master in order to be successful.

Are you a mom at home? I just bet that you have a "particular set of skills" with regards to child rearing, discipline tactics, multi-tasking and/or home management.

Do you have a unique personal background or life experience that would blow people's mind? Share it in your autobiography or memoir and allow your story to impact and transform the world.

Development Exercise:

1. Write down your passions and number them vertically. (List at least 10)


1. Child rearing

2. Cooking healthy meals that taste good

3 Staying fit

4. Prioritizing self care

5. Home business

2. Which of these items are the top 3 passions for you?


1. Child rearing

2. Home business

3. Staying fit

3. Out of your top passions, do you have a unique experience, extremely successful outcome or victory that may be of interest to others?


Home Business: I have successfully carved out time and created habits that allowed me to grow an online business that sustains our household or allowed me to be home as a single parent raising multiple children.

As you carve out your passions and prioritize them, you are likely to stumble across your book topic and you may even have more than one book in you!!

4. For more ideas on identifying your book topic, ask your spouse, best friend or esteemed colleague what they think about you becoming an author. They may be able to show you the book in you pretty easily!

Once you have your topic, you can then move on to research. See our next blog post to learn more....

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